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Jekosen 270 CM Super Dominate, 4 pc Travel rod with case, review:

Recently I purchased this rod and put it to the test … Because I exceeded the manufactures’ specifications for the rods’ performance ability, my first test came with the customer service department. Though they did not have to do anything but send a condolence letter for my dead and broken rod, Jekosen chose to establish themselves as a company that head and shoulders above others. For that alone I am grateful to the people who are at Jekosen for taking the lead in customer care and setting the standard.

This particular spinning rod is 270cm or 8’10’ long. The rod comes in a black velour case which is also in a protective covered PVC tube, secured with a zipper.

Upon assembly I observed that the travel spinning rod has the appearance of a quality. The handle/butt section has a unique look as Jekosen has used EVA foam with cork the on a high gloss carbon fiber, with gold colored accents. The real seat is of an ergonomic design that fits medium sized 3000 and 4000 sized reels securely. The screw-down that secures the reel is placed in front of the reel seat which stays secure as it is used. The rod has eight line ceramic guides set with high gloss epoxy on a flat black rod. The net effect of the guides is to help distribute the pressures from casting lures and catching fish across the whole rod.

With my rod, I used 4000 series Okuma spinning reel, that seemed to pair very well. The point of balance was right where it needed to be, under the front of the reel. As the rod is light in weight for its size I was able to use it on some all day on trips without becoming fatigued. The good weight and balance also enabled me to feel what the various types of bottom and the structure. Because of its good sensitivity, I could feel the strikes of the fish no matter the size. The rod had both heft and sufficient flex to allow to fight and control fish.

Now this, an eight foot ten inch long rod requires some room to cast as you would think. Unlike a shorter rod that would be at home in a creek or stream, this rod is a too long for these applications. The added length of the rod really excelled in open areas, docks, lakes and rivers. Although it took a little practice, I was quickly able to cast into tight places where accuracy is required. Because of the size of the fishing rod, I was able to launch 1/8th and 1/16th ounce lures like they were shot from a cannon. Fifty and sixty yard casts are not uncommon for this fishing pole. There is one added benefit that I did not count on. This fishing rod provided the ability to fish heavy brush on the lake side. It opened up new areas that were previously inaccessible because of lure retrieval at the lakeside brush. With this rod I could now reach past this brush and my lure never got tangled.
I never had any issue with the rod becoming loose, out of alignment, or worst of all, casting a section of the rod into a body of water. The sections remained tight for a full day of fishing. In order to put the rod together I slide the two pieces together and give a little twist to achieve alignment and lock the pieces together.

Jekosen said that they would update the specification that are written on the handle to be both imperial and metric weights to enhance clarity and understanding. I can see two other points of improvement to what I would call an excellent rod. The first is alignment dots to be placed on the top and bottom of each section to help enable the proper alignment during assembly. The second is a hook holder so that the guides don’t risk being damaged when moving from one place to the next without disassembling the rod.

In closing this is a great fishing rod with excellent function for open and big water situations. It appears to be a quality build that pairs well with medium reels. The aesthetic beauty come together with function and portability to make a great product that I hope to use for years to come.

Would I buy it again? YES