JEKOSEN® guarantees that all our active products are at the lowest price currently. JEKOSEN® items are created and developed by ourselves independently. And ECOODA® products are ordered from their own factory directly, besides we have reached a contract to assure the low-cost and high-quality products for all customers.

If you find some products at a lower price, please contact us at Email: with a web link or other information, and we will review it in 7 days. If it is real, we will provide a better-quoted price. If you have already purchased our products, we will refund you the difference.

Please beware that lots of products are sold at lower price but have much higher shipping cost or other fee. And you need to double check or ask the seller to verify the final price if necessary.

Our promise does not apply to second-hand products, inventory-clearance, or wholesale items such as some goods are selled in