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Material: TPU Composite fabric TPU.

Size: High 59cm / Width 35cm

Inflating Method: Automatic, Manual, Blowing.

Floatage: 150N

Color: Blue, Multi-color

Suitable Weight Body: More than the 43kg / 95lbs

Airbag Volume: 16.5Litre

Weight High-Pressure Co2 Gas: 33g

Inflation time: 3-5second

Storage time in the airbag: 5days

High-pressure air storage cylinder: One-time, replaceable

Air pressure inside the airbag: 0.2kg

Inclination after the head and shoulders surfaced: 30-45°

Distance mouth and water: 15cm


  • Bright colors take into account the value fashion and the eye-catching, make the drowners easier to be discovered and rescued.
  • The chamber is made of 210D nylon plus TPU to ensure the reliability of the product under severe conditions.
  • The outer packaging is made of 300D oxford cloth plus PU coated fabric, which greatly enhances the firmness.
  • Outsourcing and liner with reflective tape, guaranteed to be easily found at night.
  • Use a life jacket whistle for the drowning person to use for help.
  • In the case of insufficient automatic expansion, the inflating tube can be used for auxiliary inflation.