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  • This Bait is Specifically Designed by ECOODA to Lure Super Fish in Blue Water.Both High Strength ABS Material and Conjoined Welding Wire Make the Bait Bear More Than 100kg Pull Strength.
  • No Need to Pull Much When Trolling as It's Easy to Control and Very Flexible When Swings Left and Right,The Swimming Action is Very Stable and Natural.
  • Perect to Target a Variety of Pelagic Species From Tuna and Mackerel Mahi Mahi to Wahoo Barramundi Kingfish Marlin and More.
  • TYPE:Floating Weight:2.9oz/82g Length:7in/18cm
  • Hooks not Included Due to the Fact That Our Lures are So Versatile for Many Species. We Want to Give You the Flexibility of Choosing and Applying Your Own Hooks. Whether it Would be Owners, VMC or Whichever Brand You Choose, All These Hooks Can and Will Work For Our Lures. Split Rings not Included. We Highly Recommend the Owner brand of Split Rings. Our Lures Come With an Attractive Rattle Sound and Lifelike Paint Patterns That Will Surely Entice any Predatory Fish That Comes Across Its Path.